Sausage Swirls

beef pinwheels

Sausage rolls are everywhere. They can be everyday and humdrum, available in supermarkets and petrol stations, good as a snack or for lunch, or perhaps for tea with a tin of baked beans and some oven chips (yum). They’re picnic food, something easy you can grab from the supermarket if you’re heading to a potluck-style picnic in the park with friends after work. There can also be something celebratory about them, given the frequency with which they turn up on buffets at parties.

Last week, I tried a Hairy Bikers’ recipe for ‘Minced Beef Pinwheels‘ which is from Mums still know best: The Hairy Bikers’  Best-Loved Recipes – a treasure trove of good, simple home cooking. They are like sausage rolls, but rather than containing sausagemeat the filling is minced beef mixed with dried herbs, tomato puree, onion and garlic. Rather than cooking onions and garlic and allowing them to cool before mixing them into the raw meat, as the recipe suggests, I used an onion seasoning blend, which both saved time and reduced the number of dishes I had to wash. You then dollop the meat mixture onto sheets of ready-made and (if you want minimal effort) ready-rolled puff pastry and roll it up like a Swiss roll.

The result was tasty and made a nice change for lunch. They’re quick and simple to make and therefore a fun little summertime project. Their swirly, celebratory appearance also makes them perfect for a party.


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