Wormy Spaghetti

I’ve owned Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes since I was a child. According to the introduction by Felicity Dahl, it is ‘an interpretation of some of the scrumptious and wonderfully disgusting dishes which appear in Roald’s books’. It features recipes like ‘Strawberry Flavoured Chocolate Coated Fudge’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frobscottle and Snozzcumbers from The BFG, and Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake from Matilda. I confess, I haven’t actually tried many recipes from the book – dishes like ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ or ‘Mr Twit’s Beard Food’ are not necessarily well-suited to a normal weeknight meal, although I imagine many of them would make an excellent weekend project if you want to entertain some Roald Dahl fans.

The recipe I chose to try was ‘Wormy Spaghetti’ from The Twit’s, which is based on a part of the story where Mrs Twit serves spaghetti to Mr Twit into which she has mixed wriggly worms. She serves it in tomato sauce to disguise the worms, with cheese sprinkled on the top. The reinterpretation of this for a children’s cookbook is basically a standard recipe for spaghetti in tomato sauce, but the worms are represented by tricolour spaghetti and curly spaghetti. The tomato sauce is a can of tomatoes cooked with parsley, a bay leaf and some grated carrot, making it flavourful and slightly sweet. I added some cooked bacon to it as well, just to add some extra protein.

I often think that recipes aimed at children are some of the best. This was fantastic with a generous portion of grated cheddar over the top and made for a perfect weeknight tea, whether you’re serving it to children or a couple of nostalgic adults.



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