Spicy Eggs

Oeufs en cocotte are one of the great comfort food dishes. I love runny eggs, so anything that includes one is likely to be something that I enjoy. I think of them as the perfect Sunday tea – a light but warm meal that you might have once you’ve started to feel peckish after the gigantic roast dinner you ate earlier in the day. I occasionally have a boiled egg and soldiers for a weekend breakfast and while I would certainly enjoy that for tea as well, there is something a bit more substantial about the baked version.

This version of baked eggs is a riff on a recipe from Rachel Khoo’s inspiring Little Paris Kitchen. I identify greatly with this book, having once had a little Parisian kitchen of my own, although I didn’t attempt anything much more adventurous in it than fajitas. Rachel suggests baking the eggs in teacups and offers a variety of suggestions for ways to dress up your eggs, including Tabasco. I was in the market for a way to use up some Sriracha, so played around. To her recipe, which involves baking the eggs in ramekins, sandwiching the eggs between dollops of crème fraîche, I added a splosh of Sriracha to the crème fraîche. I baked them for about 15 minutes and served them with toast soldiers.

I really enjoyed the combination of eggs and chilli with the slightly tangy cream. Whilst the cream/egg combination on its own is delicious and extremely comforting, the slight kick from the Sriracha provides a bit more interest and makes it slightly more exciting. Perfect for a weekend treat.


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