Oats and Honey

It is very definitely porridge weather. After the mild December we’ve just had, January has plunged us into freezing temperatures, making a hot breakfast extremely welcome. How to properly prepare and eat porridge is often a subject for much debate – it definitely tastes best when stirred slowly on the hob, but this is not a practical pursuit for most of us on a weekday morning. I make mine in the microwave (30g oats, 100g water, 100g milk and a pinch of salt, on high for 3½ minutes) which is much easier and still tastes comforting.

I’m not a fan of golden syrup on my porridge, although I know that this is a popular choice, preferring to eat my everyday porridge just with a pinch of salt. On occasion, however, I treat myself to a squidge of honey on top. When I was hunting for ways of using up the tail end of a bag of raisins that had been lurking in my cupboard for longer than I would like to remember, I came across a recipe for oat, honey and raisin muffins in 101 Cakes and Bakes. I’m sometimes a bit ambivalent about raisins (I often prefer to make scones without them) but they worked really well here. I wouldn’t necessarily make these muffins as a substitute for my breakfast porridge, but they were fantastic as an energy-giving snack to supplement a packed lunch or to provide a burst of energy mid-afternoon, just to get you through to the end of the day. The oats in the muffin batter make them more substantial – you’re not quite eating cake, but the honey also makes them feel like a treat.


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